20 January 2022

Dear participant

We’d like to welcome you to the LIVES-event on the 20th of January 2022! A fully digital experience dedicated to our mission: litter free rivers and streams in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

What to expect

During the event we will dive straight into some interesting topics surrounding the subject of regional litter management. You’ll be able to witness a plenary session and even attend the signing of the Clean Meuse agreement. Because creating solutions for riverline litter problems concern us all, in every field, from science to politics.

That’s why your attendance in the network chat is vital to the LIVES-event. We hope to see you there during the Eat & Greet or at 14h30, after you’ve enjoyed our packed programme!

Enter the digital LIVES-conference directly or take a look at the schedule below first

Note: If you have any technical problems during the conference, don’t be afraid to contact to our helpdesk.

Programme LIVES – 20 January 2022

10h00 Welcome
by dayhost Simone van Trier & Sylvia Spierts-Brouwer (project manager LIVES)
10h15 Plenary session
  • Interview with Minister Peeters, Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works
  • Interview with Joachim Reichert, CEO of Wasserverband Eifel Rur
  • Interview with Lia Roefs, regional minister of the Dutch Province
10h45 Photowall break: litter action
11h00 Presentations of LIVES results
Monitoring, enforcement, litter traps, cleanup campaigns
11h30 Signing of the Joint Statement for a Clean Meuse
by dayhost Simone van Trier & Sylvia Spierts-Brouwer (project manager LIVES)
12h00 Eat & Greet
Information stands, videos, chatrooms
13h00 Breakout rooms about riverline litter problems
  • Scientific seminar: how to obtain good data
  • Presentation of a new artificial intelligent method about drone records
  • Discussion about the usability of litter traps
14h00 Conclusion breakout rooms and continuation of LIVES plans
14h25 Final word
by dayhost Simone van Trier & Sylvia Spierts-Brouwer (project manager LIVES)
14h30 Networking in chatroom
15h00 End